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Brexit is done. Now it’s time to pay the price.

Andrew MacDougall: Boris Johnson wants a Canada-style free trade deal with Europe. Good luck with that.
Jeremy Corbyn Attends Islington North Count And Declaration

Jeremy Corbyn’s defeat is a win for the democratic world

Terry Glavin: Britain will not be yanked out of the western alliance. Its leader will not be a man who has counted holocaust deniers among his friends. It’s a victory of sorts.

Conservative majority secured. Now the hard part.

Andrew MacDougall: With Boris Johnson now holding the tiger firmly by the tail, there’s no one left to blame should the country take a mauling in the next stage of Brexit negotiations

The Britain I knew is lost

Michael Coren: This once resilient country is in a state of crisis, sinking in a national mood of powerlessness and indifference

How did Britain come to this?

Shannon Gormley: Boris Johnson has broken from reality, and it began with the lie that Brexit would be easy

Why public ’shaming’ is a necessary part of democracy

David Moscrop: What’s on the line when someone in whom public trust is placed fails to react appropriately to shame?

Help! I’m trapped on a stage with Boris Johnson

Image of the week: The British PM wants the hell out of Europe. Angela Merkel looks like she couldn’t agree more.

Boris Johnson and the peculiar British art of believing in nothing

Leah McLaren: The British PM’s strength lies not in a calculating lust for power but in how few tosses he gives. Here’s why voters find it irresistible.

Number 10 and the impossibility of governing wisely

Paul Wells: From the U.K. to Canada to Australia, official residences are crumbling. What does that kind of government paralysis get you?
Cabinet Ministers Meet Ahead Of Chequers Brexit Showdown

All the new bad ideas that Boris Johnson will ride to power in Britain

Opinion: The former U.K. foreign secretary will surely continue his Wile E. Coyote-esque chase for power—and here are the ’policies’ that will fuel it