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The slip-up in the Liberals’ biggest policy promise

The details of duelling $6-billion tax pledges from Trudeau and Scheer deserve a closer look, including one not-insignificant omission

The best and worst places to be a woman in Canada in 2019

The two cities at the top and bottom of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives ranking are only about a three-hour drive apart in southern Ontario

Kate McInturff’s superpower: wielding her love of big data for gender equality

In her final blog post, the much-admired policy analyst wrote: ’We all have an obligation, in as far as we are capable, to work to diminish human suffering’
Women’s march in Canada

A crash course in how the feds could improve gender equality

Anne Kingston: The real lessons in a ranking of best cities for women: that the gender gap persists across Canada—and the solutions are staring us in the face
Donald Trump Hosts Canadian PM Justin Trudeau At The White House

NAFTA emerges as Trudeau’s biggest, unexpected test

The Liberals have been hit with a challenge that never fit into their plan. As talks begin this week, the stakes are enormous.
Hand with coin for Who Earns What

Who earns what: The give and take of charity pay

We look at the top salaries for a range of Canadian charities
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From rogue page to activist icon

Brigette DePape on the Power of Youth
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Studies say: real friends matter, and the rich pollute

Our semi-regular roundup of findings from the world of academia

National pharmacare, as run by omniscient angels

Marc-André Gagnon’s solution should be read by citizens of every political orientation