Cannes film festival

Inside Cannes, a film festival at a crossroads

From virtual reality to Netflix’s arrival to the emergence of women directors, Cannes finds itself in flux at 70. What comes next?

Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal at the press conference for "Okja" at the Cannes Film Festival

Netflix is the new villain Cannes loves to hate

“Okja” is a novel twist on the big budget monster movie, but it was the studio behind it that first caught the audience’s attention at the festival

On the first day of Cannes 2017, a vision of a changing landscape

Brian D. Johnson’s first dispatch from Cannes, the high altar of world cinema—where it’s grappling with some seismic shifts

Photo gallery: Cannes, Day 8

Scenes from the red carpet at the annual film festival

Blue is the Warmest Color deals perfectly with falling in love

Criticism of Kechiche’s ‘male gaze’ is overblown

Brian D. Johnson: ‘You never get sick of the good stuff’

From the archives: The Maclean’s veteran dishes on the highs and lows of the festival

Cannes celebrity sightings

Photographer George Pimentel shares his glitziest shots from the 65th annual film festival


Cannes: Where the stars talk politics

Superheroes save the world at home, but anti-heroes are the avengers in France

Festival of sirens

Festival of sirens

Judging from this year’s Cannes screenings, cinema is obsessed with seductive angels of mercy

Scenes from the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival

From the scenery to the stars, just about everything is beautiful in Cannes

It’s French for blockbuster

It’s French for blockbuster

Looking for despair and anguish on the big screen? Then you’ll love Cannes.


Crazy Cannes

Brian D. Johnson on the stars, the hits, the tricksters and the strange bedfellows