Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Doug Ford

Legally speaking, how far can Doug Ford go?

The constitutional checks on a premier’s power are used even less often than the notwithstanding clause

Give us this day our daily lesson

What was once a vulnerable religious minority has now become a faith privileged above all others. This is simply not fair.
Canada Day Parliament Hill Canada flag

Canada’s Charter at 35: Watch a Maclean’s and Hot Docs fireside chat

Watch a replay of John Geddes’s on-stage interview with former Supreme Court justice Ian Binnie on the legacy of Canada’s Charter
Canada Day Parliament Hill Canada flag

A legendary former Supreme Court judge talks about our fundamental freedoms

Join Maclean’s for a Hot Docs Q&A with Ian Binnie to explore our Charter in a unique event, live in Toronto or on on Apr. 29
John Geddes

How the Justice department sees the new prostitution bill surviving

A Justice Canada official explains the strengths of the proposed federal prostitution legislation

Why Canada’s Jews should stand up for Russia’s gays

And the case for boycotting the Sochi Olympics
Pat Martin

Pat Martin vs. The Justice Minister

The NDP MP alleges a breach of privilege

The Whatcott case: Drawing a line between free speech and hate

The Supreme Court struggles to find a compromise
Missing image

Students’ Charter rights weren’t breached: court

Carleton had anti-abortion protesters arrested in 2010
Que Student Protests 20120522

How did the student standoff come to this?

Emmett Macfarlane on the sorry state of policy debate