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Rent or buy? An expert weighs in on the sky-high rental market

The deputy chief economist with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation on Canada’s most expensive places to rent and the future of housing
Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau’s plan to make housing great again

Canada once had a robust national housing program. Can we do it again?

What the Home Capital crisis reveals about the housing market

With the big lender in trouble, the subprime mortgage industry needs the housing boom to keep going
Bill Morneau

The risk of a financial crisis in Canada is growing

Canada needs an independent body with the power to respond to financial threats, but politics keeps getting in the way

Inside the taming of CMHC

Under the outspoken Evan Siddall, the housing agency has gone through one of the largest reorganizations ever seen in Ottawa. But with home prices skyrocketing, is it enough?
RBC Housing Prices 20100315

Change and pain are headed for Canada’s housing market

As Ottawa moves to cool the excesses of the housing market, those who’ve benefited from the bubble should hope for the best, but expect the worst
Realtors’ signs are hung outside a newly sold property in a Vancouver neighborhood

CIBC: It’s time for a ’flipping tax’ on foreign investors

An economist says a flipping tax would help tackle speculative foreign investment—but do little to slow soaring house prices
Good news, bad news

Good news, bad news

Hope for the Washington Post, while Vietnam cracks down on Twitter
The scariest housing bubble

Is the CMHC the new PBO?

Revisiting a controversy from the spring