How to fix Canada’s innovation conundrum

Start by removing some of the policies that shield Canadian companies from competition and give them less incentive to innovate

The loneliness of a fast-food franchise

Despite big investments to spruce up stores and expand menus, once-thriving restaurant chains are suddenly struggling to get ahead
Team Canada marches in, 1908

Gallery: Canada at the 1908 London Olympics

Canada’s team first travelled to the Olympic Summer Games in London in 1912.
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How the federal competition bureau ‘is shifting the game’

Melanie Aitken has taken on everyone from the real estate industry, to credit card companies, to airlines
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Waging a patent war

A competitive smartphone market is resulting in a lot of lawsuits
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A built-in advantage

Hutterite-run firms don’t pay their workers wages or seek big profits. Competitors say it’s unfair.
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Canada’s closed skies

Canadian and U.S. airlines are limited to cross-border runs