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ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” – Season 20

The theatre of Orville Peck

Canada’s most famous gay country singer has cultivated intrigue—and heaps of fans—with his singular look and made-up name. What’s true about the man behind the mask? 

From singing country to stumping for the Tories in Central Nova

In a riding that expects its MPs to deliver, George Canyon battles the knock that, politically speaking, he’s all hat and no ranch
Shania Twain (Universal Music)

Q&A: Shania Twain on feminism and an album 15 years in the making

The songstress reflects on a long career ahead of her newest album, Now, coming out Sept. 29
Dolly Parton Tour –  Sydney

Dolly Parton on love, blasphemy—and country music

With her new album hitting number one, country music legend Dolly Parton prepares for a Canadian tour

Chad Brownlee’s hurtin’ music

Injuries forced Chad Brownlee out of the game he loved, and into something else that needs courage and commitment: country music
Big Barrel Country Music Festival 2015 – Day 2

Loretta Lynn: The queen of country music on 55 years in the biz

Country legend Loretta Lynn on what she learned from Patsy Cline, why she’s not a feminist, and whom she wants for president

The Nashville insurgency: Inside country’s revolution

Meet the new breed of indie country outlaws who are rescuing the genre from a plague of tailgates and halter tops

Meet Mickey Guyton: A rare African-American voice in country music

Country finds its new star in a black Texan touring with Brad Paisley and channelling Patsy Cline

What it feels like to dance at Ranchman’s Western bar in Calgary

As far as Canada’s honky-tonks go, Ranchman’s Western bar in Calgary is ground zero for those with a little boot-scootin’ boogie in their step. This is what it’s like to go a little bit country on Ranchman’s dance floor.
Shania Twain

Thank you, Shania Twain

Shania may still be most famous for her midriff, but her musical legacy is everywhere today—from Taylor Swift to TV’s ’Nashville’