(Photography by Tony Luong)

Why Moshe Safdie wants Canada to rebuild its sense of adventure

“The public often thinks a building can be functional but ugly as hell. To me, that’s impossible.”
Altair (Courtesy of Safdie Architects)

Israeli-Canadian architect Moshe Safdie’s bright and green designs are travelling the globe

More than 50 years after Habitat 67 was built, its principles are finding new life around the world
(Illustration by Antony Hare)

Design trends to watch in 2022

From Bridgerton-inspired weddings to AI-powered spandex, trends in 2022 will reflect both our hankering for escape and our inexorable move into the future
Japandi design: At Wander clean lines, wood tones and neutral palettes combine for a calming aesthetic (Courtesy of Tara McMullen)

The rise of Japandi design and the quest to create a calm place in a turbulent world

A blend of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics has created an increasingly popular style that’s ’simple and calm and restful’
Tom Dixon flagship store in New York. (Tom Dixon)

How hygge got hip: Danish coziness becomes the hot craze

More than simple cocooning, the newest lifestyle and design craze is perfect for a time when people are seeking comfort and warmth
She Shed exterior. (

Goodbye, man cave. Hello, ’she shed.’

What Virginia Woolf might have called ‘a room of one’s own’ takes on a new meaning
Inside An Ikea Store Ahead Of Durable Goods Orders Figures

Have we hit ’peak stuff?’ Ikea says there’s röom to grow.

Have consumers hit their limit for buying furniture, as one Ikea executive recently claimed? Don’t bet on it. Ikea sure isn’t.

The decline of handwriting? Chalk it up to marketing.

An ’illustration frenzy’ has taken over marketing, the latest in a trend of ’faux sincerity’
Fort McMurray Airport.  CREDIT:  Ema Peter Photography

Fort McMurray: Even boom towns have budgets

There’s a gleaming new airport in the city that oil built. But step outside, and it’s a wasteland of poor planning and low ambitions
0912 +HOUSE

Eco-buildings may be good for the planet—but what about occupants?

Virtuous they are, but eco-certified ’green’ buildings can be terrible for your health