energy sector

And the engine of Canadian resourcefulness is…

Memo to Trudeau: Canada’s resourcefulness engine is in the same province as its resource engine

No, Alberta’s oil patch doesn’t need a bailout

Alberta’s energy sector has yet to suffer anything like Ontario’s manufacturing job losses, so calls for an auto sector-style bailout for the oil patch are premature

Are Canadian exports finding their wheels again?

Autos are about to replace oil and gas as Canada’s biggest export for the first time in eight years, but don’t get too excited

A pipeline of their own

First Nations are taking charge in a revamp of the energy sector, says Peter C. Newman

The golden age of gas

Welcome to the golden age of shale gas

How once-unimaginable sources of new energy are about to transform economies and global politics

The NDP discovers the oil sands

The NDP discovers the oil sands

The New Democrats hate the oil patch, right? They have a funny way of showing it.


Commodities boom, miners’ bust

Canadian resource companies were among the worst performers of the year

As the economy slows down, should austerity pick up speed?

Canada’s GDP numbers for November came out this morning, and it was a rude awakening. The economy slowed down unexpectedly in November, with output dipping 0.1 per cent, as opposed to the consensus forecast of 0.2 per cent growth. “While it initially appeared that the Canadian economy smoothly decelerated late last year, it now looks like Canada stumbled as it approached the 2011 finish line,” CIBC quipped in a note.