Watt’s ‘before and after’ photos have drawn worldwide attention to old-growth logging in B.C. (TJ Watt)

Falling fast

Three decades after the so-called ‘War of the Woods,’ the logging of B.C.’s ancient forests goes on, prompting protest from a new generation of eco-activists

This American caribou is the last of its kind—and it lives in Canada

The fate of the mountain caribou species now rests entirely within Canada and biologists are worried.

Alberta’s handful of anti-pipeline protesters wage a lonely war

In a province consumed by the fate of one oil pipeline, it isn’t easy being green

Postcards from the edge of the earth

A new exhibit chronicles the environmental movement from the 1960s to today

When God isn’t green: Religion versus the planet

Jay Wexler examines the collision of religious and environmental values

In defence of genetically modified food

More scientists are coming around to GMO safety. Why are environmentalists, who preach the science of climate change, not listening?

Have we hit ‘peak stuff?’ Ikea says there’s röom to grow.

Have consumers hit their limit for buying furniture, as one Ikea executive recently claimed? Don’t bet on it. Ikea sure isn’t.

What comes next in the long battle over Keystone XL

In the end, a long-awaited Senate vote on the oil sands pipeline was all about U.S. politics. Why that could spell more bad news for Alberta

Q&A: Where the climate movement gets it wrong

Keegan Kuhn, the creator of a documentary that turns the climate movement on its head, argues that only the right diet will save the planet

The nature of David Suzuki

In his final stretch, the world’s most famous environmentalist is beset by doubts and doubters

Forest fighters

A breakdown in the boreal game-changer

Chris Sorensen explains why the collapse of the boreal forest agreement comes as no surprise

Forest fighters

Forest fighters

Celebrated partnerships like the Boreal Forest Agreement are crumbling. Can corporations and NGOs really work together to save the environment?