Eve Adams

Liberal leader Trudeau and MP Adams take part in a news conference in Ottawa

The Maclean’s Politics Panel: On a shuffle and the floor-crossing

Video: The Ottawa bureau parses the week that was
Liberal leader Trudeau and MP Adams take part in a news conference in Ottawa

Ottawa reacts to Eve Adams’s floor-crossing

Cormac MacSweeney reports from Parliament Hill on a shocking defection
Eve Adams, Justin Trudeau

Newsmaker of the day: Eve Adams

All sudden floor-crossings are a bit surprising. Aaron Wherry explains why this one is especially intriguing
Paul Wells

All about Eve—and suddenly Steve

An update on the kind of day Justin Trudeau, Eve Adams and Stephen Harper are having

Why do you hate love, Tories?

He could have planned the most romantic election ever, but Dimitri Soudas is gone
Mississauga-Brampton South Conservative candidate Eve Adams defeated Liberal Navdeep Bains.|May 3, 2

All about Eve

From the archives: Eve Adams, Dimitri Soudas and the real story behind the most dizzying show in Canadian politics
Eve Adams

Top 5 stories at 5

Eve Adams, U.S. political fundraising laws, more on MH370, an earthquake update and a message from Pope Francis
Paul Wells

Farewell then, Hand-Picked Dimitri Soudas

’This contributes to the feeling Harper’s majority mandate has been snakebit’
Are we ready to subsidize heroin?

Talking about drugs, Part One

Heroin-assisted treatment and Rob Ford
Parliament Building

Won’t somebody think of the children?

On tonight’s episode of Cops: Parliament Hill