Federal Government

Politicians and public servants worked long hours to churn out the CERB in record time (Lars Hagberg/CP)

The year that bloated bureaucracy took a back seat to getting things done

The pandemic forced a culture shift in governments that usually move slowly on purpose, proving that red tape really can be cut
Stephen Gordon

Why has federal tax revenue exceeded projections?

While it makes sense that weakened economic growth would lower government revenues, it’s getting harder to make that story fit the data
Mulcair, Harper, Trudeau.(Chris Wattie/Reuters; Sean Kilpatrick/CP)

Election 2015: Who’s the man with the economic plan?

Federal leaders are test-driving financial policy for Canada. Take your pick: safe, ordinary, or balanced?

Privacy: Be afraid, be very afraid. But don’t be afraid of Twitter.

Jesse Brown defines the real threats to your privacy
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Scientists hold mock funeral for "evidence"

Hundreds protest on Parliament Hill
So what do we do now?

So what does Jim Flaherty do now about the economy?

Economic turmoil has the finance minister under pressure to take action
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Why our highest court seems afraid to take on the Harper government

Legal expert Philip Slayton on the Supreme wimps