When fish snack on ‘ghost fleas,’ the neurotoxin they accumulate poses a risk to human fish eaters (Wim Van Egmond/Science Photo Library)

I ain’t afraid of no ghost fleas

Scientists are studying a strain of translucent, one-eyed zooplankton that comes out at night. "When you look at live ones under a microscope, they can spin their eye to look at you. You’d think the organism is possessed.”

Sockeye salmon stocks are crashing. Long-lost notebooks saw it coming.

The detailed field journals, lost for decades, now reveal today’s salmon stocks are in dramatically worse shape than imagined

Fish heads, fish heads, roly-poly fish heads

The jump from soup bowl to dinner plate

Canada goes to the dogs, cats ... reptiles

Survey reveals pet purchases in Canada
einstein Ferdinand Schmutzer

Why we should forget Einstein’s tree-climbing fish

Prof. Pettigrew on how the genius truly viewed education
Hold your nose, not the anchovies

Hold your nose, not the anchovies

So reviled that it’s at risk of vanishing, this pungent fish deserves a second chance
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Studies say . . . a memory boost and the shock of birth

Chocolate makes snails smarter and fish could start losing weight
Even fish aren’t safe

Fish with skin cancer??

It’s happening in Australia. Right under that ozone hole...
You’ll absolutely love ‘minkfish’

You’ll absolutely love ‘minkfish’

Why don’t Canadians eat more of what turns out to be a very fine fish?
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Put your money where your mouth is

In seaside cities like Halifax, it’s hard to buy fresh local fish. A new co-op is fixing that.