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Oshawa’s new mayor once saved his own life from ruin. Can he save his city next?

Dan Carter struggled with alcoholism and homelessness before turning his life around. Now the mayor of a town reeling from a major loss, he has a new challenge ahead of him.

GM Canada: A 100-year history of benefitting from taxpayer dollars

Canadians have good reason to feel General Motors owes them. Because it has—many times.

What the deficit-loving Trudeau Liberals could learn from General Motors

Peter Shawn Taylor: When the economy is good, it’s time to plan for the future. That’s what GM is doing, while the Trudeau government keeps spending.

For Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford, it’s time to fight

Tom Parkin: The PM and Ontario premier need to take on General Motors, not offer a clean-up operation for the human wreckage in Oshawa
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Why did Donald Trump bring up the Chevrolet Impala?

The car he brought up amid high-stakes NAFTA negotiations has a long assembly history in Canada
2015 Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept all electric vehicle – glass roof

Newsmaker of the day: The $30,000, 320-km Chevy Bolt

With the Bolt, GM is essentially admitting that Tesla’s Elon Musk got it right
GM’s New Front Center Airbag

Stuck in reverse

As General Motors grapples with a recall scandal affecting older cars, it’s trying to paint the new, post-bankruptcy GM as a different company. Will customers buy it?
Jeffrey Luke

Sizzle returns to the auto show

With the U.S. economy on the mend, automakers get back to what they do best at car shows: delight and entertain

This Corvette will save Detroit

The U.S. auto industry once again turns to a sports car for salvation. But with sales on the rise and new technologies, this time there’s reason for optimism