Shmayess (right) left Syria for Görlitz, Germany, in 2015; his wife, Ammar, joined him a year later and the couple recently opened a restaurant (Photograph by Sadiya Ansari)

What Canada can learn from Germany’s mass, unplanned migration

Five years ago, more than a million refugees arrived in Germany. Today, many are working full-time. Here are the lessons Canada can learn from what went right—and wrong—in Germany.
My grandfather on the right, Hirsch on the left. (Courtesy of Michael Coren)

The German soccer hero who escaped the Nazis for Canada

Michael Coren: Despite being a star in his country, the great Gottfried Fuchs had to flee. He’d never forgive what happened to his teammate, Julius Hirsch.

If Germany can’t stop the rise of white nationalism, how can Canada?

With an unflinching grasp of its own horrific history, Germany should be a model for dealing with neo-Nazism. But recent events suggest otherwise.
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The cautionary tale of Germany’s growing far-right

Adnan R. Khan on why it’s not fascism or even racism that’s driving the surprising success of the German far right. Canada should take notice.
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The meaning of a meeting of Europe’s leading nationalist minds

In Koblenz, Germany, the leaders of Europe’s nationalist movement unite for an awkward political spectacle

Germany’s real problem with refugees

While it may be ridiculous to criticize race, it is reasonable to criticize culture, writes Scott Gilmore

What’s become of Germany’s refugees?

With its big cities straining, refugees are being bused to remote rural towns and testing a nation’s tolerance
A migrant takes a selfie with German Chancellor Merkel outside a refugee camp near the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees after registration at Berlin’s Spandau district

’Mother of the outcasts’: Why Germany changed its tune on refugees

Why the normally stolid, pragmatic Angela Merkel threw open Germany’s doors to Syrian refugees

This February belonged to Greece and Germany

Feb. 27: The feel-bad couple push a bailout deal through for the kids, plus, all the inflation analysis that’s fit to print on a Friday
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Angela Merkel: The real leader of the free world

How the reluctant German chancellor became the one person capable of stopping Putin and saving Europe. Michael Petrou reports from Berlin