Supporters react as Trump leaves the stage after speaking during a rally on Nov. 3, 2020 in Grand Rapids, Michigan (Kamil Krzaczynski/Getty Images)

This election brings 4 important changes to America and the world

Scott Gilmore: While votes are still being counted it is already clear that America’s dangerous politics and its declining place in the world are the new normal

Trump’s explosive presidency has shaken up the Republican Party (Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

The GOP after Trump

Win or lose this fall, the Republicans are at a crossroads. Do they double down on Trumpism? Or try to put it all behind them?

Donald Trump at Snap-On Tools in Kenosha, Wisconsin

History won’t be unkind to Trump—it will be cruel

Scott Gilmore: Even if Trump can outrun the law, he will still be remembered as the most ignorant and incompetent president ever

After Las Vegas terror, GOP lawmakers hem and haw

Another mass shooting, another day in Washington. ‘It’s hard to eliminate people who are madmen, no matter what we do,’ says one senator.

Republican convention, Day 2: The party bathes in fear

After the angry speeches, an upbeat mood pervaded the Republican convention as Trump was crowned

Say it now: Donald Trump is the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee

There is still a chance Donald Trump will be denied the Republican nomination. But it’s a small one.

The right’s plan to stop Donald Trump

The GOP race has become a battle for the party’s soul, and an all-out war by the party establishment to stop The Donald in his tracks

Powerful ripples of crazy: The Republican race farce

One of the world’s most successful parties goes Dumpster diving for a leader


Could GOP Congress overrule Obama on Keystone XL?

Republicans in the House of Representatives today held a hearing on legislation that would do just that in the event that Obama denies a permit for the proposed pipeline from Alberta to the Gulf Coast..

Big Gulp

Big Gulp: Republican insiders try to save the party from itself

The GOP needs to rethink outreach in order to stop “secular socialism”

‘I come not to debate GOP conservatives, but to diagnose them’

Paul Wells explains why this election will be dead easy for conservative Republicans to rationalize


Is it over for Romney?

Almost but not quite, argues John Parisella