hamed shafia

Hamed Mohammed Shafia

The Shafia case is finished—finally

The Supreme Court puts to rest the honour-killing saga that scarred the country and left Muslims feeling besieged
Shafia family photo from May 22, 1993. (Crown Exhibit)

Portrait of a young ’honour killer’

How an old family photo could derail Hamed Shafia’s last-ditch appeal
Hamed Mohammed Shafia

What’s in a number? For Hamed Shafia, it may mean a new trial

Michael Friscolanti on why the age of Hamed Shafia, accused in the killing of his sisters, is such a mystery—and why it matters
Hamed Mohammed Shafia

“He should have told us”

At the Shafia trial, the defence strategy is suddenly clear: Hamed was there that night, not mom and dad

“I would be a dead woman”

Sahar Shafia was desperate to keep her boyfriend a secret—but her alleged “honour killers” already knew
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“I love you with all my heart”

In court, Mohammad Shafia endures the sight of his daughter’s boyfriend—and the love notes he sent
Mohammad Shafia

“I want God to finish my life”

At the “honour killing” trial, autopsy photos reveal crucial clues
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Before honour, reconnaissance

At the Shafia murder trial, cellphone records reveal some disturbing detours during a family “vacation”
A loyal son, a ruthless brother

A loyal son, a ruthless brother

Like his father, Hamed Shafia believed nothing comes before family honour
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A history of violence at the Shafia home

At the “honour killing” trial, a cry for help