Simu Liu shares his acting origin story

In this excerpt from his memoir, We Were Dreamers, actor Simu Liu shares how he ditched his gig at Deloitte for a wildly successful acting career.

’Star Wars’ has a China problem—and it’s a symptom of Hollywood’s nostalgia addiction

’Solo: A Star Wars Story’ flopped in China, inviting us to imagine a nostalgia-free vacuum in which ’Star Wars’ can be seen for what it really is

Celebrity wage gaps where women are paid shockingly less than men

Women reportedly make as little as $0.30 to the dollar compared to their male counterparts

There’s no country for old actors in Hollywood—and that matters

An Oscar nomination for Christopher Plummer, 88, stands out—and that ageism reveals something broader that #MeToo and #TimesUp should take note of
A scene from ‘Middle of Nowhere.’ (TIFF)

What does the future of Black filmmaking look like?

From Nollywood’s success to new Amazon series and festival projects, this is a moment to consider how far Black cinema has come, and where it can go
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Fort McMurray: One photo, nearly 1,000 words

When disaster hit, the people of Fort McMurray showed their better natures, not the instincts of ’survivalists’

Hollywood directors who went to work for the military

A review of ’Five Came Back: A Story of Hollywood and the Second World War’ by Mark Harris

Tom Hanks adrift

Hollywood’s Everyman tests his limits in ’Captain Phillips’

Mr. Schwarzenegger, get your gun

Today’s action stars look a lot like yesterday’s action stars, with more wrinkles