Video games have made their mark in movies but movies haven't yet returned the favour

Game over Hollywood

Game over for Hollywood

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From Tomb Raider to Resident Evil, video games have made their mark on Hollywood. But so far Hollywood has been unable to return the favour, despite several high-profile attempts. The latest casualty is a studio that film and TV producer Jerry Bruckheimer set up in partnership with MTV six years ago. The venture is being quietly shuttered after failing to produce a single title, according to a recent report by online news site Gamespot. Nor is Bruckheimer the only Hollywood big shot to fail to make a dent in the booming $65-billion industry. Steven Spielberg signed an deal with Electronic Arts in 2005 that yielded one non-blockbuster game—a puzzle game called Boom Blox. Director Zack Snyder signed a separate agreement with EA in 2008 to make three games—none of which have materialized, which is surprising, some say, given Snyder’s CGI-heavy action film 300, which critics often compared to a video game.

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