A woman speaks to a crowd of people on a sunny day

Why Hamilton is now permitting homeless encampments and tiny homes in parks

Mayor Andrea Horwath says the long-term goal is to have everyone in permanent housing
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Why a housing-first model is the only way to solve the homelessness crisis

Governments try to address issues like addiction and mental illness before helping people find housing. That’s the wrong approach.

You can’t #stayhome if you have no home

Paul Wells: Shelters across the country are facing ’a perfect storm of bad news’ with a vulnerable population and workers without protection
A makeshift home is seen in Toronto on, Mar. 1, 2018. A recent document produced by the City of Toronto stated that the city had removed over 300 encampments in its parks and ravines. Within Toronto, in its ravines, parks and underneath bridges, hides a booming population of temporary homes. (Chris Young/CP)

It’s time to think of homelessness as a public health emergency

Cathy Crowe: After a homeless person in Toronto tested positive for coronavirus, the government needs to realize that ’self-isolation’ for this population is a cruel oxymoron

Why bulldozing encampments isn’t a solution for the homeless

Even if the Trudeau government’s $55-billion, 10-year national housing strategy meets its goals, homeless encampments are unlikely to disappear

Canada’s housing crisis reinforces violence against poor women

Women are more likely to experience ’invisible homelessness’—a fate that can be exacerbated by gender-based violence

For Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, the souvenirs are finally worth savouring

From cheeky plate designs to tchotchkes that help uplift Britain’s homeless, the tired world of royal commemoratives is being swept up by new sensibilities
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Shelter in the shadow of the golden arches

For many people, McDonald’s is the most reliable shelter on cold winter nights—a symptom of the failings of Canada’s housing and shelter networks
Calgary housing homeless

Why Calgary’s 10-year bid to end homelessness was a valuable failure

The pioneering, ’housing first’ experiment inspired other cities and levels of government, providing hope that homelessness is solvable

The national housing strategy promises big spending, but is it money well spent?

Opinion: With homelessness funding not tied to outcomes, tens of billions of new spending from Ottawa might not help nearly as much as it could