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A man in a white button down shirt sits in a warehouse looking at the camera.

I work in a B.C. food bank. We’re serving triple the number of people we used to.

For the first time, many of our clients are people with jobs who can’t keep up with the cost of living. How did we get here?
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Why Canada might just need a tenant revolution 

A Q&A with housing researcher Ricardo Tranjan 

The Power List: Top 10 Real Estate Reformers

You’ve heard the phrase “build back better.” These Canadians are getting it done.

My mortgage is about to go up by at least $1,000 a month

“We hadn’t seen rates change much, and the consensus was that low rates were here for a long time to come. That was wrong, of course.”
A completed laneway suite, which is similar to a garden suite but has to abut a laneway. (Photos courtesy Kyle Springer)

Are garden suites part of the housing crisis solution?

After Toronto joined the list of Canadian cities allowing for the secondary structures, many are left wondering how—and if—the suites can help address housing affordability
(Photograph by Kathleen Fisher)

Nowhere to buy

Soaring home prices, insane bidding wars and cancelled dreams have spread from urban centres into towns across Canada. How did everywhere become Toronto and Vancouver?

How the new mortgage rules will affect homebuyers in 2018

Scenarios show that Canadians will be able to afford about 20% less house

London’s non-domiciled residents

As the global super-rich buy real estate, the market is ‘losing touch with reality’

Great Canadian real estate crash of 2013

The housing bubble has burst, and few will emerge unscathed

RBC: Homeownership costs are now 91 per cent of Vancouverites’ income

But affordability is deteriorating across Canada