Getting dressed. (Illustration by Marie-Danielle Smith)

Memos from the before time: How to get dressed, have small talk and enjoy happy hour

We’re all pandemic zombies who have forgotten how to interact. Here are some handy survival tips.
Woman standing in a supermarket checking eggs

Some painfully obvious things I learned too late in life

Shannon Proudfoot: I asked people to describe their most thunderous epiphany. After 1,400 twitter replies, it’s safe to say we all discovered a lot.

Reviewing 2017 like a movie: Unrealistic plots, cartoonish characters

Humour: It was a year so surreal, it felt like something out of a movie. So it only makes sense to review 2017 as if it was one.
Amazon CEO Bezos Introduces Smartphone to Take on Apple, Samsung

We want Amazon, Jeff Bezos. Or is it best to just call you ’Christ Almighty’?

Humour: Hundreds of cities are ready to spend millions to humiliate ourselves to Amazon’s satisfaction. Here’s how far Toronto’s willing to go.
Cover of God’ll Cut You Down by John Safran for God’ll Cut You Down review.

An odd and thrilling true-crime story: book review

Safran’s murder stories contain some grain of truth, however elusive it may be
Stephen Harper

The PM, Trudeau and the hidden agenda: Aiiiieeeeeee, right?

All in all, it hasn’t been a great summer for the Conservative attack machine

Attention, attention: Satire alert. Please insert laugh here.

Facebook’s ’satire tag’ is just the latest, saddest defanging of the comedic form, lowering the bar for all
Photo illustration for Feschuk.

This Harper fellow is quite something, eh?

Oh, the things Stephen Harper’s powerful backroom masters make him say

Where’s a smoke bomb when you need one?

Scott Feschuk on how to end a conversation at a party and other adulthood problems
test exam

5 people to avoid sitting beside during finals

Exam advice to help you procrastinate