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Christina Gonzales: Is enough being done to identify people who are struggling with the transition to post-secondary education?
Rental Van Plows Into Pedestrians On Toronto Street, Injuring At Least Eight

Toronto van attack: The rush to blame immigrants and Muslims after a mass killing

Stephen Maher: How weaponized racism is distracting from the real crisis—the lethal mixture of hateful online communities and male violence

Let’s talk about the mental health of young immigrant and refugee men

Research suggests that social context can make it difficult for immigrant and refugee young men to seek help for mental-health challenges
Justin Trudeau; Kathleen Wynne

Fit in, or be excluded: The root of immigrants’ impulse to assimilate

Concerns about ostracism can lead some immigrants—particularly first-generation ones—to deny racial and cultural issues
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Immigrants in Canada, and the secrets some of us keep

What The Atlantic’s story ’My Family’s Slave’ reflects for many of Canada’s immigrants, and their complicated relationships to their new homes
Canada’s PM Trudeau shakes hands with a Syrian refugee during Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

Maybe Canadians aren’t more enlightened about immigrants, after all

A survey finds that Canadians’ views on immigrants are close to those of Europeans and Americans. Could our political system be what sets us apart?
McCallum China 20160817

Canada’s demographic gap can’t be filled with immigrants

Despite the record number of immigrants who came to Canada in the last year, it is not nearly enough to fill the gap left behind by retiring baby boomers

Filling the labour gaps

Why relying on immigration as a quick fix for the skilled labour shortage may end up hurting immigrants and employers alike

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The number of deportations is on the rise

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It’s part adversity, part love of risk