James Bezan

Accountability now! Sort of

James Bezan does what Paul Calandra would not. Yay?

Are we better off without the Reform Act?

Maybe we are. Unless we aren’t.

Elections Canada vs. two Tory MPs

John Geddes on questions raised by an unusual clash

The Commons: Stephen Harper is very sensitive

And Pierre Poilievre calls us all to a higher purpose


Behold, the maverickness

The Globe finds that several Conservative MPs are a mere 98% or 99% loyal to the party line. Upon being presented with the findings, Government Whip Gordon O’Connor salutes his side’s democratic nature.


Independent thought alert

The CBC reports that three Conservative MPs put their concerns about the Nexen deal in writing.


A brief history of recent commotions

Before yesterday’s incident, the most recent confrontation in the House might have been when Conservative MP Royal Galipeau confronted Liberal MP David McGuinty. A couple weeks before that, Liberal MP Anita Neville and Conservative MP James Bezan seem to have had an an acrimonious encounter of some sort as well.


‘I stand by comments opposing the CNOOC purchase of Nexen’

James Bezan issues a statement Nexen and this week’s iPolitics story about the situation at the Selkirk Record.


James Bezan Maverick Watch

Within this tale of small town politics, is the news that James Bezan briefly objected CNOOC’s proposed acquisition of Nexen.

Happy Canada Day

Aaron Wherry on who said what on July 1