Independent thought alert

The CBC reports that three Conservative MPs put their concerns about the Nexen deal in writing.

A third Conservative MP, LaVar Payne of Medicine Hat, Alta., wrote to Paradis Aug. 21, 2012 to raise “grave” concern about the human rights record of China — calling it “far from stellar.” “It is my belief that Canadian laws must prevail, and that if we were to allow a state-owned company of a foreign nation that brutally represses its own citizens to buy a strategic asset here, we would be setting a very dangerous precedent,” he wrote. He also flagged potential problems with the “lack of environmental concern” by the regime in Beijing.

“I do believe that the Chinese administration has little to no regard for environmental preservation, and this is another area of concern,” he said.

That actually makes four MPs who are on record as objecting after James Bezan’s objections were disclosed last November.