James Bond

Fleming in Jamaica in 1964 (Harry Benson/Getty Images)

James Bond’s fantasy-driven history with Jamaica

Bee Quammie: Ian Fleming created Bond in Jamaica, and romanticized the country. Did he ever reckon with its realities?

James Bond: The evolution of an iconic franchise—and the coolest secret agent of all time

On the eve of Bond 25, Brian D. Johnson looks back at how 007 has changed with the times—from Connery’s droll menace to Craig’s tortured thuggery—while always remaining invincible and immune to any style but his own
‘Cubby’ Broccoli steered the Bond films from 1962 to 1989 (Archive Photos/Getty Images)

The James Bond film franchise is actually a family business. Meet the Broccolis.

Since becoming full-fledged producers, the Broccoli family has kept as much control over the franchise as possible

The new spy in ’No Time to Die’ is a sign the 007 franchise has turned a page

Lashana Lynch’s character may not be replacing James Bond, but the new female agent is more of a Bond equal than a Bond girl
Photo Gallery-Bond at 50-Girls

James Bond was a rapist

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Our interview with Roger Moore: A lover, not a killer

Sir Roger Moore has died at 89. In 2012, he spoke to Maclean’s about his long-lived portrayal of James Bond, champagne on set, and much more
“Love Is All You Need” Premiere – The 69th Venice Film Festival

Pierce Brosnan on how he’d envision a new James Bond

The Irish actor-activist-painter on Donald Trump, working with The Black Panthers and the possibility of a trans James Bond
1271033 – THE WALK

Jane Bond, Ghostbusters, and ladies night at the movies

Gender-flipping genre films can have huge appeal—if they get past the clichés.

A graphic history of James Bond — kisses, kills and box-office earnings

Show and Tell: 50 years of Bond ... James Bond. (As represented in graph ... bar graph)