James Lunney


‘The most liberal abortion regime in the world’

Conservative MP James Lunney explains his vote in favour of Motion 312.


‘Our government is very much on top of that’

Global BC goes looking for Conservative MPs willing to talk about cuts to the coast guard.


The quiet cuts

The Vancouver Province obtains an internal memo detailing concerns about the closure of the coast guard base in Kitsilano, BC.

Happy Canada Day

Aaron Wherry on who said what on July 1


James Lunney and the coast guard

The Conservative MP for Nanaimo-Alberni is unimpressed with planned cuts to the coast guard on the West Coast. And he blames “bureaucrats in Ottawa” for the decisions.

The NDP’s Fin Donnelly, who pressed the Fisheries Minister about the Kitsilano station last month, mocked Mr. Lunney in the House yesterday.

Mr. Speaker, there seems to be some denial on that side of the House about the implications of Bill C-38. Last Thursday, on a local radio station, the member for Nanaimo—Alberni lamented the closure of the Ucluelet communications centre and the Kitsilano Coast Guard station. However, Instead of taking responsibility, the member blamed “bureaucrats in Ottawa” for these closures. Ironically, he made these remarks less than 12 hours after he voted on the Trojan Horse budget bill, the very bill shutting down these stations.


C-38: The government’s arguments

Courtesy of YouTube, a selection of budget bill speeches from Conservative MPs.

Firefighters in Ottawa

The International Association of Firefighters arrived in Ottawa and held a reception at the Delta Hotel.

MPs celebrate Jewish holiday of Succoth

The Jewish holiday of Succoth saw Rabbi Chaim Mendelsohn of the Canadian Federation of Chabad-Lubavitch set up a sukkah (a temporary dwelling to symbolize what the Jews used when they wandered the dessert for 40 years) in the East Block courtyard.


The Commons: ‘This is not an easy issue’

Francine Lalonde: “We should not refuse them the right to die with dignity”

MPs, Tupperware and Mary Kay

The Direct Sellers Association of Canada (DSA) held a reception in 200 West Block that featured tables filled with things Tupperware and Mary Kay products. Public Safetly Minister Peter Van Loan (left) with DSA president Ross Creber.


Smoked salmon in East Block courtyard

To honour the Jewish holiday of Succoth (Feast of Tabernacles), a special ceremonial succah was set up in the East Block courtyard. Representatives from Chabad and Bnai Brith were on hand for the celebration. Below, Conservative MP James Lunney.


Jim Flaherty’s permanent tax on everything

Federal budget 2008. Replacing remaining provincial retail sales taxes (RSTs) with value-added  taxes harmonized with the GST is another area where provinces can contribute  to strengthening Canada’s Tax Advantage … The Government recognizes the significant economic benefits to Canada from sales tax harmonization and is willing to work with the five provinces that still have RSTs to help facilitate the transition to provincial value-added sales taxes harmonized with the GST.