Kennedy Stewart


The Liberals killed a bill promoting gender parity in politics. They were wrong.

Why the arguments against a bill that would have penalized parties for failing to run equal lists of male and female candidates don’t make sense
Pages and staff prepare the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

One way to promote gender parity in politics: financial penalties

NDP MP Kennedy Stewart’s private member’s bill would penalize political parties who don’t run gender-balanced slates of candidates
Peace Tower

Direct democracy arrives at the House of Commons

Ottawa’s e-petition site offers Canadians a new way to control the agenda in the House
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A modest proposal for the NDP: Unmuzzle the government economists

Just how committed would the NDP be to free-speaking bureaucrats?
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The hottest fall fashions in parliamentary reform

The Senate might never change, but here is what might
Science protest 20120710

The politics of science

An NDP MP sets out some principles
Parliament Building

Whatever happened to the Reform party?

The House considers e-petitions
Parliament Building

This week in parliamentary reform

Expenses, audits and petitions
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The Backbench Spring: Russ Hiebert speaks up

Another government backbencher asserts his rights