Team Reform: What’s on offer and who is supporting what

The Reform Act picks up supporters

The first item up for debate when the House resumed this morning was M-428, NDP MP Kennedy Stewart’s call for the implementation of e-petitions. Mr. Stewart’s motion has been second by 18 New Democrats, one Conservative (Brad Trost) and one independent (Brent Rathgeber).

On Wednesday, the House will hold its second hour of debate on Conservative MP Brad Trost’s call to have the House elect committee chairs. Mr. Trost’s motion is seconded by 15 Conservatives, one Liberal, two New Democrats, one Green and one independent.

At some point this spring, there’ll be debate on Michael Chong’s Reform Act. When Mr. Chong tabled that bill, it was seconded by James Rajotte. It’s now seconded by 13 other Conservative MPs—Stella Ambler, Rob Clarke, Ben Lobb, Leon Benoit, Dick Harris, Mike Allen, Peter Kent, Gord Brown, Larry Miller, Kyle Seeback, Russ Hiebert, Garry Breitkreuz and Brian Storseth—alongside one New Democrat (Kennedy Stewart) and one Green MP (Elizabeth May). To those you can add Dean Del Mastro, Brent Rathgeber, Bruce Hyer and Craig Scott.

Meanwhile, NDP MP Pat Martin has given notice of his intent to table a bill designed to further empower the information commissioner and Conservative MP Scott Reid has a motion on the order paper that would have the Speaker elected via preferential ballot (scroll nearly all the way down here).