Legault and Trudeau chat after announcing high speed internet for Quebec regions on March 22, 2021, in Trois-Rivieres, Que. (Jacques Boissinot/CP)

A sneak attack on language rights

Tom Mulcair: Bill 96 deserves much more than nodding approval of leaders in Ottawa. Failure to defend rights comes at a cost to our unity and well-being as a country.
People sit outdoors for drinks under a clear plastic structure on The Danforth in Toronto on Oct. 31, 2020, as the city navigates a modified Stage 2 amid the ongoing COVD-19 pandemic. (Rachel Verbin/CP)

’Who are you bubbling with?’ How COVID-19 has changed language over the past year

From social distancing to variants of concern, pandemic-specific terms have become part of our everyday vernacular

Tracking COVID-19’s evolving language, from ’self-isolation’ to ’social distancing’

The Oxford English Dictionary is adding pandemic-related terminology to its repositories of words, including a completely new word: COVID-19 itself.
Candidates Attend The Federal Leaders’ Debates

Jagmeet Singh’s secret weapon: The way he talks.

The NDP leader switches seamlessly from formality to so-called ’multicultural Toronto English,’ sounding educated and down-to-earth at the same time
QUE Bonjour Hi 20171130

Bonjour! Hi! Let us discuss language politics

Paul Wells on the Quebec National Assembly’s farcical motion about how merchants should greet their customers
The new webster snycclopedic dictionary,Copenhagen Denmark

A dictionary editor’s concession: Language is ’really squishy’

A Q&A with Kory Stamper, an editor at Merriam-Webster and author of ’Word By Word,’ on profanity, and the politics of language
Hide and Peek

How to preserve Indigenous languages for the next generation

William and Kate will see the latest tool in an Indigenous linguistic arsenal in Whitehorse

’Have we met?’: Sperm whales can talk, and even have dialects

From 2016: Research reveals an unprecedented view into the social lives of these ocean mammals, who can use ’vocal clans’ to distinguish themselves

The problem with ’Problematic’

One word’s meteoric journey from academic jargon to mainstream language to over-used cliché.

The flap over the fluency gap

As schools turn to international students to fill chairs and coffers, concerns grow about English proficiency