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Here’s why Statistics Canada’s in so much trouble

It’s easy to forget just how deep the job cuts at Statistics Canada have been

Your job is as safe as it has ever been. Probably safer.

There is a certain sentiment—possibly driven by nostalgia—that jobs used to be more stable

How safe is your job?

The recession is over, but factories are still closing, companies are downsizing and people are getting laid off
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Where banks are still hiring

As the West’s big banks layoff thousands, those in emerging economies are doing much better
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Funding hasn’t restored service for N.B. students: unions

Say a quarter of nearly 600 laid-off staff members have not been re-hired
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Employee loyalty takes a nasty fall

Sliding loyalty is just as common among executives as workers
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Harvard to lay off 275 employees

Despite attempts to save money, university cites "extraordinary financial challenges"
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’I pay the rent, what do you do?’

On Post-Its, bills, empty toilet paper rolls: notes to and from the roommates from hell