Maclean's Quiz

The Maclean’s Genius has stumbled. Can you beat his trivia score?

A tough week for the Maclean’s Genius has produced a potentially beatable score. Can you tackle Peter Dyakowski’s 53%?

Hey, smart guy! Think you can take on our trivia Genius?

Try to beat the score of our Genius, Peter Dyakowski, on our wide-ranging weekly trivia test

Hey, smart guy: Try to topple our Quiz Genius!

On this week’s Maclean’s Quiz, we tested Peter Dyakowski on everything from British monarchs to Monty Python. Can you beat his 83 per cent?

The Quiz

This week, we test your trivia skills on everything from outer space to Scrabble

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Lace up your skates and take your best shot at our NHL playoffs-themed brainteaser

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Mother’s Day edition

Test your trivia skills

(This week’s quiz includes a bonus round for Parliament-watchers)

The Quiz

This week: from the science of speleology to Lucy Maud Montgomery