Major League Baseball


The case against the Cleveland Indians

A last-minute, ambitious court application couldn’t ban the broadcasting of the baseball team’s controversial name and logo
Dickey, Martin

Batter up! Tee off on Maclean’s Baseball Quiz

Get your baseball brain into midseason form by taking Maclean’s Baseball Quiz, and try to beat our experts’ score
Alex Anthopoulos

Alex Anthopoulos: The Canadian who rebuilt the Blue Jays

With news this morning that the Jays GM is leaving, here’s our interview from back at the start of playoff ball
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Elections Canada vs. Jays fans on Oct. 19

Major League Baseball hurls a curveball into the Canadian election
BBA ALDS Rangers Blue Jays 20151014

Blue Jays win. (Toronto is saved.)

Jonathon Gatehouse explains how one smooth swing turned the worst night in the world into the best
R. A. Dickey

R.A. Dickey signing has Jays fans primed for World Series

’Looking forward to a new chapter,’ knuckleballer tells ball fans
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San Francisco Giants sweep Detroit Tigers to win World Series

The San Francisco Giants won the World Series last night in a four-game sweep against the Detroit Tigers.
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Never say die: Cardinals stage wild comeback

According to the people who keep track, last night’s victory was "the largest comeback ever in a winner-take-all postseason game." As the AP explained: "No other club in this sort of ultimate pressure situation had come back from more than four down." So, anyway, Cards fans are joyous;
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Yankees drop A-Rod from Game 5 lineup

Tweeps responded quickly and enthusiastically this afternoon to manager Joe Girardi’s decision to bench Alex Rodriguez for tonight’s deciding match up against the Orioles. Desperate move or genius play?