mary dawson

The ethics commissioner defers on Nigel Wright

‘Mr. Wright is also being investigated … to determine whether he has committed an offence under an Act of Parliament’

Is the ethics commissioner enough?

Can Mary Dawson sort out the Duffy-Wright affair?


Meanwhile, at the ethics commissioner’s office

I emailed the office of the ethics commissioner to ask if the commissioner was planning to investigate the Finance Minister’s letter to the ethics commissioner. Here is the response.

More questions about the PM’s well-connected chief of staff

Former private equity bigwig Nigel Wright gets lobbied despite ethical ‘screen’—again


Idea alert

Ethics commissioner Mary Dawson wonders whether we might need a code of conduct for MPs.

The watchdogs who never bite

Those who investigate wrongdoing have little power, and little interest in using what they do have


‘No substance’

Helena Guergis’ lawyer says the RCMP has effectively cleared his client.


At last, justice

Seems Ms. Guergis did not report her mortgage to the ethics commissioner in the necessary time allotted. She’s been fined $100.


Fight the real enemy

Amid talk yesterday of Rahim Jaffer, Helena Guergis, Devinder Shory, lobbyists, religion, ideology, firearms, abortion policy, poverty, torture, nuclear weapons, the prosecution of Omar Khadr and salmon farming, John Baird astutely identified the foremost issue facing Ottawa as the legal career of Liberal MP Derek Lee. Seems the biography of Mr. Lee posted on a law firm’s website describes him as participating in activities that include “lobbying government.”


You are free to continue issuing giant novelty cheques

The ethics commissioner concludes that the use of giant novelty cheques by unelected officials might diminish our democracy, but it isn’t against the rules.