Perry Bhaskaran

I began my ER nursing career in Ontario. Burnout and low pay led me to leave for the U.S.

"It felt like the message in Ontario was that by virtue of being nurses, this is the sort of treatment we signed up for."
Childhood picture family

My father was a criminal. Here’s how I found out.

My dad worked as a furniture salesman and drove a Rolls-Royce. It was only after his death that I learned about his secret past.
(Photos by Wade Hudson)

Why Wes Hall is betting on Black entrepreneurs

On Dragons’ Den, he’s known as “The Fixer.” That nickname holds true in real life, too.
(Photography by Tony Luong)

Why Moshe Safdie wants Canada to rebuild its sense of adventure

“The public often thinks a building can be functional but ugly as hell. To me, that’s impossible.”
Yaroslava, left, and her 11-year-old son Nazar escaped from Ukraine as the war broke out. They travelled five days and hundreds of kilometres in search of sanctuary. (Photography by Markian Lozowchuk)

My escape from Ukraine to Canada

My family fled Kyiv on March 1. We travelled to four countries in five days and then spread out across three continents. Now I’m in Canada, hoping to one day see Ukraine again.
Bob and Jean walk eastward on Bloor Street after a morning run (Photograph by Cole Garside)

How the most connected man in Toronto came back from death

Bob Ramsay’s memoir explains how he survived a brush with death–for love
Russian President Putin attends meeting in Moscow

How Putin’s absurd, tacky Russia isn’t so different from Trump’s America

Former GQ Russia editor Michael Idov says the nations share magical thinking and addiction to simplistic narratives
Lab Girl by Hope Jahren.  No Credit.

Lab Girl succeeds as a non-fiction novel

Hope Jahren pens a riveting memoir and an ode to plants
A Life With Words by Richard B. Wright

An esteemed author takes a crack at a new character: himself

Book review: A memoir from one of Canada’s greatest writers, Richard B. Wright
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Women like me

‘What would I report? That I went home with a man I barely knew and then, halfway through, he got crazy?’