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Plummer was a leading expert in infectious diseases; his death is a significant loss for Canada as we navigate this pandemic, says Kennelly (John Woods/CP)

Inside Frank Plummer’s brain

The legendary scientist turned to highly experimental deep brain stimulation to treat his own alcoholism. He’d devoted his whole life to science, he joked. Why not his brain, too? The research he took part in is revolutionizing how we treat the world’s most stigmatized illnesses.

A letter to friends with mental illnesses: ’Your lives make my life worth living’

Before You Go: Some of Daphnée Lévesque’s loved ones suffer from mental illness, and have tried to take their own lives—a struggle she understands firsthand. Still, she holds hope.
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The tragic death of Kate Spade, the woman

Brands, alas, are all about appearance, and Spade’s cheery, upbeat brand concealed an order of depression we still don’t talk about
Memorials at Stoneman Douglas High School as Students Return After Shooting

Mental health has almost nothing to do with the gun-control debate

Opinion: As America debates guns, people with mental illness—who already face more danger during health crises—risk becoming scapegoated
A small group of family and friends of Soleiman Faqiri, hold a vigil at Nathan Phillips Square

What the death of a mentally ill inmate tells us about Canadian justice

The coroner’s report on Soleiman Faqiri’s death in an Ontario prison has finally arrived. It’s long on gruesome detail and short on accountability.
Mark and his wife Giulia.

What do you do when your wife starts talking to the devil?

Mark Lukach’s memoir about his wife’s sudden psychotic disorder helps fill the need for books by caregivers, for caregivers
A small group of family and friends of Soleiman Faqiri, hold a vigil at Nathan Phillips Square

The mental health crisis in Canadian prisons

Soleiman Faqiri, who died after a confrontation with prison guards, is just the latest case of an inmate with mental illness dying inside a Canadian prison

Penis thievery and other strange syndromes

The Geography of Madness maps the roots of suffering
Actress Amanda Bynes arrives for a court hearing at Manhattan Criminal Court in New York

Amanda Bynes and the double standard of mental illness

When Robin Williams died, we promised to tackle the stigma of mental illness. So why do we mock Amanda Bynes?
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Infographic: Canadians and antidepressants

How the country’s use of depression-fighting drugs compares to rates elsewhere