Michelle Rempel

Rempel Garner, O'Toole and MP Candice Bergen arrive hold a press conference in Ottawa on Oct. 22, 2020 (CP/Sean Kilpatrick)

I think this Parliament is broken

Paul Wells: We’re heading toward an irreconcilable difference between a hard-to-believe government and an opposition that’s being even less useful than the Liberals

Why Albertans should stop voting Conservative

Max Fawcett: If Albertans want the rest of Canada to take their issues more seriously, they’ll have to do something even more radical than pushing for separation—stop voting Conservative

Conservatives can win if they take aim at Liberal incompetence—not the culture wars

Opinion: Maxime Bernier’s comments—and now, his departure from the party—are among the recent immigration fracases that reveal a better path for Conservative success

Maryam Monsef: There is no Liberal form of feminism. There is simply feminism.

On the heels of a social media debate between Status of Women minister Maryam Monsef and Conservative MP Michelle Rempel about the meaning of feminism, Maclean’s asked both to write. Ms. Rempel was unable to file by deadline. Here is Ms. Monsef’s submission.

Don’t expect celebrities to be political saviours

Michelle Rempel: Celebrities won’t save us on the merit of their celebrity alone. Good leadership requires real humility.

Michelle Rempel demands more from politics—on the left and right

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel takes off her partisan hat at a McGill Institute for the Study of Canada conference

Canadian politicians need to stop saying ‘math is hard’

Suggesting math is hard for women reflects ignorance more than sexism. Politicians keep falling into the trap.

Canadian politics are sexist. What are men going to do about it?

Female politicians are speaking up about the harassment they experience on the regular, but the issue won’t improve until men stop staking their masculinity on power.

On carbon, the Conservatives are stuck in the past

The Conservatives—still preaching from Stephen Harper’s Old Carbon Testament—are running out of arguments

Tories have moved on from the gay marriage debate. Almost.

In the race to become the next Conservative Party leader, two contenders oppose gay marriage. It’s not good for the brand.

It’s ridiculous to call a carbon tax a sales tax. Here’s why.

A carbon tax is no more a sales tax than income taxes are, writes University of Calgary economist Trevor Tombe

How the Conservatives changed their marriage policy

What happened at the Conservative convention, as the party voted to end its opposition to gay marriage