minority government

The answer to Justin Trudeau’s Western cabinet problem

David Moscrop: Appointing a single senator to cabinet from Alberta is a simple, elegant and partial solution to the glaring regional representation gap

How Justin Trudeau held on: The story of a gruelling, messy campaign

The path to a Liberal minority was paved with low points and sloppy moments. In this election, there were no undiluted victories.

BC NDP leader John Horgan; BC Liberal leader Christy Clark; BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver

What happens next in B.C.

The Greens and NDP now have a window to change the government of B.C.—but it’s about to slam shut.

Six ways B.C.’s new government could unfold

The look of B.C.’s next government is as uncertain as it was before votes were tallied, but here are some possible outcomes

A shocking night

The future of Quebec and Canada: all bets are off

Paul Wells and Martin Patriquin take us inside a dramatic campaign with a terrifying finish


Election 2011: How we like our democracy

For the next little while, I’m going to dig through the Canadian Election Study‘s data from last year’s election and pull out some of the more interesting survey results. You can dig through all the CES data yourself via the Canadian Opinion Research Archive. Today, how we feel about our democracy.

Aw, voting two whole times in five years?

Aw, voting two whole times in five years?

Harper feels our pain, and he’ll take a majority to end this chore called democracy

Is Harper prepared to do a King-Byng?

Harper’s dogmatic opposition to coalitions raises a few questions

Your seat projections have arrived (UPDATED)

At this point, everybody is losing

Who won? Who cares?

COYNE: We’re not picking the best debater. We’re picking a prime minister.


Iggy’s (continuing) problem, Harper’s opportunity

As others have pointed out, and as I’ve said myself, Ignatieff’s formal disavowal of any post-election coalition with the NDP and the Bloc does not mean he has sworn off trying to form a government with their support.


Who’s on first

Argh. I had a feeling something wasn’t quite right as I was typing it, and should have checked: it’s not actually true, as both the Liberals and I have lately suggested, that the party that wins the most seats in an election has the right under convention to be called upon first to form a government.