My Arrival

Why International Students Are Packing Their Bags

Mohammad Khosravani moved to Canada to kick-start a career in AI. Now, after six months of fruitless job hunting, he’s eyeing the U.S.

We Came to Canada to Be a Family

As a gay couple in the Philippines, we’d forever have been glorified roommates. Here we have the future we want.

An International Student’s Dilemma

“People blame international students like me for the housing crisis. I’m thinking of leaving.”

An 11-Year Family Separation

I moved to Canada to give my children a better life. It took four permanent residency applications before I saw them again.

The Accidental Immigrant

I got stuck in Alberta after COVID hit. It took me four years to see my family again.

Kingsley Madu

I Help Immigrants Build New Lives (and Credit)

My family and I were denied housing, car rentals and even hotel reservations, all because we didn’t have a credit card.

An illustration of a yellow-haired woman wearing a yellow scarf, beside a child

“I fled the war in Ukraine. Now I help other newcomers settle in Canada.”

My daughter and I were lucky to find a host family in Ottawa. I want to pay it forward.

An illustration of a young woman with dark hair. Behind her are illustrations of two men and an older women.

I moved from India to Alberta to live the multigen lifestyle 

“My family bought a house in Edmonton where we could all live together”

I couldn’t see a future as a gay man in Indonesia, so I sought asylum in Canada

In Toronto, I found a new purpose running an Indonesian restaurant

I always felt uncertain about my future in the U.K. I finally found my home in Calgary.

After moving to three continents, I settled down in Alberta

I’ve been waiting five years for my parents to join me in Canada

“It was a big blow to see the broken system derail so many lives”