National Gallery of Canada

Suda, director of the National Gallery of Canada, in Ottawa on Dec. 17, 2020 (Justin Tang for Maclean's Magazine)

At the National Gallery of Canada, art in—and for—a time of crisis

Paul Wells: How Canada’s national gallery and its director, Alexandra Suda, have been working to ‘keep the doors open’ to new art and new realities

Carl Moll’s “At the Lunch Table”, 1901, oil on canvas, 107 x 136 cm. Purchased 2018 (NGC)

The long, dark past behind the National Gallery’s latest acquisition

John Geddes: The painting shows ‘a peaceful, rich life’. In reality, the Nazis murdered the painting’s Jewish owner and the artist was on the Nazi side.

The person with the most pressure-packed job in Canadian art

Alexandra Suda wants to bring the crowds to a livelier National Gallery of Canada. Think ‘Voice of Fire’.

The fraught case of the National Gallery’s plan to sell a Chagall painting

How the federal museum’s scheme to sell one high-priced painting to pay for another fell apart

How Indigenous stories are taking centre stage in Ottawa

Canadians visiting the nation’s capital are suddenly seeing a lot more First Nations, Inuit and Métis content at the big cultural showcases

An iconic Canadian painting gets a facelift and reveals its secrets

The first restoration of ‘A Meeting of the School Trustees’ in a century has revealed a much brighter painting with a new, more hopeful meaning

Review: Four decades of Canadian photography

Black-and-white street snaps and full-colour studio confections capture photographic fidelity in a National Gallery of Canada retrospective

A different side of Picasso, artist and beast

A rare, complete look at his masterpiece 1930s prints

What it feels like to be in the vaults at the National Gallery of Canada

Tour the vaults at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa for a behind-the-scenes look at where some of our country’s most prized artwork is meticulously stored.

Seeing Matisse’s inspiration in the new Jack Bush show

Bush is “fantastique!” says one Matisse expert

How to be a better Canadian: Appreciate our artistic legacy

Maclean’s presents an instalment in our patriotic video series designed to hone your skills, add to your already encyclopedic knowledge of this great country and generally make you a super-Canadian. In this edition: Go into the heart of the National Gallery with Maclean’s Ottawa Bureau Chief John Geddes, who offers a new perspective on how to appreciate the country’s artistic legacy.

The illustrator behind Dante’s ‘Inferno’

Known for his art for Dante’s ‘Inferno,’ Gustave Doré merited wider fame