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Mike Mack, manager of the K-S Department Store, 4105 Ave D , Brooklyn (Photograph by Idris Talib Solomon)

In pandemic-ravaged Brooklyn, surviving is striving

The New York City borough, long a home to America’s strivers, became an epicentre of the pandemic. Will the place that forever reinvents itself ever be the same?

A front row seat for James Comey’s street fight with Donald Trump

Allen Abel reports from the streets of NYC, as the fired FBI chief hawks his new book and trades insults with America’s president

At the UN, bracing for the arrival of Donald Trump

The U.S. president says he wants to ‘make the UN great.’ The Honourary Consul from Senegal says: ‘I just hope he doesn’t offend anybody.’


The Mikado’s punishment doesn’t fit the crime

Outrage finally descends on Gilbert and Sullivan’s popular Orientalist operetta.

Newsmakers of the day: William and Kate in the Big Apple

New York City is in adoration overdrive. And the royals just arrived.

Photo essay: From 9/11 to Afghanistan

Photojournalist Larry Towell’s goal? ‘I try to become the people I photograph.’

How the architect of a World’s Fair misread the future

A review of “Tomorrow-land” by Joseph Tirella

Will Montreal finally get its champion?

Martin Patriquin on the challenges ahead for a city brought to its knees by corruption


Ed Koch, former mayor of New York, dead at 88

[View the story “New Yorkers wake up to the news of the loss of Ed Koch” on Storify]New Yorkers wake up to the news of the loss of Ed KochEd Koch, mayor of New York from 1978 to 1989, died Friday morning of congestive heart failure. He was 88. Here’s how he is being remembered on Twitter this morning:

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‘In an uncertain world’

The text of the Prime Minister’s speech last night in New York. Colin Horgan quibbles with Mr. Harper’s understanding of the War of 1812.

The Commons: The PM, the UN and QP

The NDP concerns itself with Stephen Harper’s agenda