Newsmakers 2015: The most surreal estate of the year

The most inspiring, inglorious and downright bizarre bits of real estate that made news this year around the globe

Newsmakers: The very worst of 2015

From villains and losers to bad-luck falls and bad-faith actors, here’s the worst of what happened this year in world politics, sports, music, and more

Newsmakers: The very best of 2015

The highs were high. From entertainment to sports to business to the world at large, here are the people and news that made people buzz—in a good way.

Newsmaker: Tony Turner, the scientist turned ‘Harperman’ star

He’s been suspended by Environment Canada. But Turner has a minor hit on his hands with the protest song ‘Harperman’

Newsmaker: #lostbear looks for his owner

A teddy bear goes viral as the Internet and print media alike try to reunite a stuffie lost at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Newsmaker: Tony Abbott, Australia’s control freak

Why Stephen Harper has nothing on Australia’s prime minister, who has demanded no front-bencher venture onto a popular interview show

Newsmaker: Winchell Delano, canoeing through flames

Winchell Delano’s team has spent more than six months paddling from Mexico to the Arctic—and now, through forest fires

Taylor Swift vs. Apple: Who really won?

The über-powerful pop star takes on Apple’s new streaming service—and while she won the battle, streaming seems to have won the war

Newsmaker: Pope Francis wades into the climate-change wars

The Pope’s speech asks the whole world to listen to his pleas about climate change—and even invites Naomi Klein to Rome to help

Newsmaker: Tristan Thompson, the Cavaliers’ Canadian engine

Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavaliers steps up his game on basketball’s biggest stage

Newsmaker: Narendra Modi’s misstep on gender equality

Despite his policy and pronouncements about gender equality, Narendra Modi makes a bad gaffe

Newsmaker: Arash Derambarsh, the man tackling France’s food waste

Paris councillor Arash Derambarsh is taking his bold plan of turning trash into food to the world