Video: Top Chef judge Hugh Acheson at the Ravine Vineyard

The Canadian chef talks about how good food shows a sense of place

Hugh Acheson says it’s time to stop judging Canadian wine

‘The lovely thing about them now is they don’t have to prove themselves’

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Not long ago, Canadian wine drinkers would have fit in one of three camps: red, white or Baby Duck. Boy, how things have changed

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The best wineries of the peninsula sit at 43 degrees north latitude, the same as the chianti classico area or Mendocino County

Jean-Laurent Groux: The éminence grise

The venerable Stratus winemaker on the quality that makes Canadian winemaking so good

Donald Ziraldo: The salesman

The sales-driven co-founder of Inniskillin–Canada’s first premium winery–says it’s time for Canada to stop selling itself short

Andrzej Lipinski: The troublemaker

The creative winemaker at Burning Kiln has taken risks, unusual paths to get to where he is today

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On parade with Chewbacca, Platinum Blonde and an iron-fisted flower monarch

Virtual wineries make some real corkers

Virtual wineries are making fine wine

They own neither land nor vines, but these vintners prove pedigree is not tied to property


Ignatieff in summer

In the latest print edition of Maclean’s there are something like 1,300 words, under this byline, about Michael Ignatieff’s summer. Here, for your amusement, curiosity or comparison, is the indulgently long version, including a never-before-seen alternate ending.