Northwest Territories

A line of cars and trucks wait in standstill traffic on a curved wet road.

“Sixty-three per cent of N.W.T’s population have been evacuated”

Alty says at least 6,500 residents have left since the evacuation order was given on Wednesday, with more departing today

“It’s like going off to war”: This man is helping evacuate fire-plagued Yellowknife

“Northerners are the toughest people on the planet, and we come together in a crisis”

Kristine McLeod, deputy grand chief of Gwich’in Tribal Council, and Kelly McLeod, President of the Nihtat Gwich'in at the Inuvik sign they plan to restore (Photograph by Tony Devlin)

The legacy of Inuvik’s iconic ‘End of the Dempster’ sign

The Gwich’in Tribal Council and Nihtat Gwich’in Tribal Council will move the beloved hand-painted sign in the N.W.T. town to what many consider the real end of the Dempster Highway

Doctor’s hand next to the gigantic wolf track he came across a few years ago; he estimated the wolf itself could be as long as eight feet, head to tail Courtesy of Ron Doctor)

One giant paw-print stirs an age-old debate: how big can a wolf be?

A man in the Northwest Territories spotted giant wolf tracks, 7½ inches long. Anything longer than 5½ inches is Amarok territory—the legendary lupine of Inuit folklore.

Northwest Territories' premier Caroline Cochrane in the chamber of the NWT Legislative Assembly in Yellowknife. Cochrane is Canada's only female premier whose seven-member cabinet is comprised of five women. Nine of the nineteen MLA's elected for this term are women. (Photograph by Pat Kane)

Caroline Cochrane, Canada’s only female premier, defies labels—and anyone who doubts her

Cochrane has been labelled progressive yet pragmatic, which she credits to her life experience and simply being a woman in politics: ‘We do think differently … Not better. Just differently.’

From residential school runaway to trailblazing MP

Ethel Blondin-Andrew, this year’s Maclean’s Lifetime Achievement Award winner: ‘The way you treat people is the way that you will be remembered’

Northwest Territories election 2019: Live results and district-by-district vote counts

Live results for Northwest Territories’ 2019 provincial election

The N.W.T. premier has a sweeping vision for Canada’s North. Is he dreaming?

A full-service military base, a floating university and icebreakers galore are among Bob McLeod’s ideas for asserting Canada’s shaky sovereignty in the Arctic

How Dave Bidini came to know and love Canada’s North

Bidini, who visited Yellowknife eight times for his new book, recalls catching a 10-pound northern pike and being dazzled by skies of gold, purple and rosewater

Read our waistlines: No new soda taxes

The Northwest Territories plans to fight obesity and other health issues with a tax on sugary drinks. It won’t work.

What it feels like to kite-ski in the Northwest Territories

You may be familiar with kite-surfing, but what about its wintertime counterpart, kite-skiing? Catch some wind with these kite-skiing enthusiasts in the gorgeous Northwest Territories. This may just become your new favourite winter sport.

What’s in a name? A Chipewyan’s battle over her native tongue

The Northwest Territories may be fighting to save Aboriginal languages, but don’t try to name your child with one