Britain’s Queen Elizabeth smiles as she walks during her visit to Newcastle

Queen Elizabeth II, 1926–2022

She wasn’t born to be Queen, but the accidental monarch transformed the job and inspired great loyalty across her realm
Writer Diana Biacora with Rosemarie "Kim" Junor before she passed in 2015. (Diana Biacora)

Dear Kim: ’I wish I knew this was going to be our last time together’

Rosemarie "Kim" Junor was brutally stabbed in Toronto’s PATH in 2015. Her best friend, Diana Biacora, wants to remember the good times.
Francis Deschenes

Francis Deschênes, 1982-2017

He was an RCMP member known for his work ethic and heroism. Stern in appearance, he was a ‘teddy bear’ at heart
Rock and roll legend Chuck Berry performs during concert in Tenerife

How Chuck Berry gave us rock ’n’ roll—and stood out in its wake

Music historian John Covach on what made Chuck Berry iconic in an era of song stylists, covers, and lyric sanitization

Remembering beloved Canadian writer Richard B. Wright

A year ago, the author joyfully looked ahead to his golden anniversary and talked of how he always made up stories
Former Toronto Mayor and current city Councillor Ford arrives to show support for Canada’s Prime Minister Harper at a campaign rally in Etobicoke, a suburb of Toronto

The legacy and lunacy of Toronto’s notorious mayor

From 2016: He worked hard, and voters understood he’d been bruised by life — just like them
Larry Wellman for MAC46_OBIT. (no credit)

Lawrence Wellman, 1952-2015

A former fireman, he never hesitated to rush to help others. He later became an engineer, working on projects around the world.
The Queen And Duke Of Edinburgh Visit Wolverhampton

The Queen is not dead: How a ’prank’ BBC tweet sparked alarm

As royal missteps go, they don’t get much worse than this.

An obituary for an oak: From the backwoods to Richard III’s coffin

A century-old oak felled on Prince Charles’s estate is turned into a royal coffin

Hamid Aminzada, 1995-2014

A refugee from Pakistan, he became a student leader and anti-bullying activist in his new, snowy home