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What the turmoil in oil markets means for Canada’s economy

Negative oil prices are a warning sign that the economic fallout from COVID-19 could be even worse than a lot of people are expecting

A letter from Quebec to my friends in Alberta

Alec Castonguay: You’re angry, I get it. But the source of your woes is not Quebec, where consumption of Canadian oil has in fact exploded
Rachel Notley

Government’s tight grasp on Alberta oil: A short(ish) history

Rachel Notley’s production caps raise a question: Was there ever a ’free market’ for Canadian oil?
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It’s time to leverage Canada’s energy advantage into a geopolitical one, too

Opinion: Pipeline projects and energy developments will allow Canada to flex more influence on the world stage—and weaken the grip of bad international actors
Plunging Energy Prices Put Strain On Texas Economy

A smart road map to lower carbon emissions? Look to Texas, of all places

Opinion: When it comes to balancing economic growth with reducing carbon emissions, the stars are oddly bright deep in the heart of Texas
Chrysler To Repay $7.53 Billion In Government Loans By June

Oil exports drive Canada’s trade surplus with the U.S.

Econ-o-metric: Canadian arguments about balanced trade with the U.S. don’t matter to Trump. His NAFTA logic says deficits are for losers, full stop.
Trading At The NYSE As U.S. Stocks Tumble After Selloff in China Renews Growth Concern

Has the next U.S. recession already arrived?

He predicted that oil would fall to $25—two years ago. Now, financial analyst Bob Hoye believes the next U.S. recession is already here

Life at $20 a barrel: What the oil crash means for Canada

As the price of crude plunges, and drags the loonie with it, the pain stretches far beyond the Alberta oil patch. What’s next for Canada’s economy?
Stephen Poloz

Stephen Poloz: ’We’ve adjusted to rising prices; we can adjust to falling ones’

For the record: Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz on riding the commodity cycle
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A national energy strategy everyone agrees on but nobody will act on

And with another pipeline spill, it’s hard to see how the newest provincial blueprint for an energy strategy will accomplish anything