Oshawa’s new mayor once saved his own life from ruin. Can he save his city next?

Dan Carter struggled with alcoholism and homelessness before turning his life around. Now the mayor of a town reeling from a major loss, he has a new challenge ahead of him.

Why Andrew Scheer is spouting nonsense about GM

Stephen Maher: Blaming the carbon tax for Oshawa’s troubles might fit the Conservatives’ election narrative. But it’s hopelessly off target.

What the deficit-loving Trudeau Liberals could learn from General Motors

Peter Shawn Taylor: When the economy is good, it’s time to plan for the future. That’s what GM is doing, while the Trudeau government keeps spending.

For Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford, it’s time to fight

Tom Parkin: The PM and Ontario premier need to take on General Motors, not offer a clean-up operation for the human wreckage in Oshawa
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Why did Donald Trump bring up the Chevrolet Impala?

The car he brought up amid high-stakes NAFTA negotiations has a long assembly history in Canada

The Commons: To believe

Aaron Wherry on Jack Layton’s final day on the campaign trail
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Jobs Wanted

The manufacturing heartland is ailing. Can it be saved?
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A sad, desperate city puckers up

Economically besieged Oshawa has found something it can re-pin its dreams on: KISS