Pauline Marois

B.C. premier Rita Johnston

Women premiers get pushed out of leadership faster than men. What gives?

On average, women hold premierships for shorter periods and are more quickly pushed out by caucuses. A new study tries to figure out what’s really going on.

About that Pierre Karl Péladeau cover…

Martin Patriquin on what he got wrong about the PQ’s star candidate

Is Le Tea Party over? It’s up to PQ.

Wrong on sovereignty, wrong on values, Paul Wells explains why the PQ only digs itself deeper

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The latest on Rob Ford, a Marois surprise, Fort Hood shooter IDed, Middle East breakdown and Twitter returns to Turkey

Why the Quebec values charter hasn’t been a runaway success

Pauline Marois lost nearly as much support as she gained

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In the news today: Pauline Marois, Justin Trudeau, ebola, a jailed journalist and must-see TV

Shake, rattle, roll

Martin Patriquin assesses the fallout after the second leaders’ debate in Quebec

Paul Wells on the Quebec leaders’ debate

Political editor Paul Wells with his thoughts on tonight’s debate. Follow along, starting at 8 p.m. EST.

The PQ’s identity crisis

Openly xenophobic supporters—and candidates—are welcomed into the fold

Young voters in Quebec say they are being turned away

In their words: Voters who say they cannot register provincially because of a strict interpretation of the ‘domicile’ rule

Quebec Votes: Depends what you mean by ‘Quebec’

The dispute over who gets to vote is a dispute over who’s a real Quebecer

The first rule of Sovereignty Club?

You don’t talk about Sovereignty Club. Second rule: imaginary worlds rock!