Supporters in Poland gather to watch a televised debate ahead of June 28’s presidential election (Piotr Lapinski/NurPhoto/Getty Images)

The real reason authoritarian populism is on the rise: it’s simple

American-Polish writer Anne Applebaum probes the decline of a just society in the U.S., Britain and Poland in a new book, titled ’Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism’

Canadians are primed for some Trump-style populism

A new survey finds half of Canadians are open to populism given their distrust of government and fear of being left behind—and it’s a right-of-centre phenomenon
Scrabble Letters

How Donald Trump changed Scrabble

Today’s damn-the-elites populism has fuelled an epic Scrabble battle between word nerds who champion colloquial terms and those who resist the pull of the zeitgeist
Doug Ford

Canada is a tinderbox for populism. The 2019 election could spark it.

Opinion: This country isn’t immune to the economic and demographic forces currently dividing the United States
Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper says the world needs more Stephen Harper

Paul Wells: In his new book, the former PM offers a prescription to the conservative movement in the age of Trump—a little of this, a little of that
USA v Japan: Final – FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015

Stephen Harper has some ideas about conservative populism

But his description of a clash between the interest of cosmopolitans and plain folks misses the real fault lines in today’s politics

Justin Trudeau on populism, the trouble with grand gestures and fear

In a live interview with Maclean’s senior writer Paul Wells, the PM talked about governing in the age of Trump and the fragility of democracy
NATO Holds Warsaw Summit

What Justin Trudeau had to say at the NATO summit

At an unscripted question-and-answer session, the PM opened up on his view of Canada in the world, from defence spending to populist nationalism
Results Of The Turkish Presidential Election Are Announced

Turkey’s election should be a warning for Western democracy

Adnan R. Khan in Istanbul: Erdogan’s brand of populism still wins, and it’s an example of what happens in a country that has no political centre

There are two Doug Fords. Which one will govern?

Stephen Maher: He can either aim to act like a premier and account for his government’s actions or he can behave like the guy we used to see at Toronto City Hall.