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Stephen Harper

Why should a PM speak French? Political reality.

Stephen Harper once railed against bilingualism, but came to understand that not knowing French was a sure way to lose
Audience with the Queen

The PM has been to London to visit the Queen

He’s had 21 days on the job. She’s had 23,304. Here’s our royal watcher on their meeting.
Stephen Harper

The PM, Trudeau and the hidden agenda: Aiiiieeeeeee, right?

All in all, it hasn’t been a great summer for the Conservative attack machine
Mackenzie Bowell

6 Canadian PMs ranked for beard, moustache or sideburn quality

Rt. Hon. Sir Mackenzie Bowell: Without question Canada’s greatest bearded prime minister

What the PM said about what the PMO knew about what Nigel Wright did

Who was aware of the deal between Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy?

Brian Mulroney is back

Maclean’s Archives: The former PM is out of purgatory and only too happy to tell Canadians (and Stephen Harper) what real leadership is about
Canadian Prime Minister Harper plays cribbage during visit to the Trinity Lodge Seniors Home in Calgary

The new Stephen Harper, safer than the old Harper

Paul Wells on the more reserved prime minister